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Man who killed a trans woman given death sentence in Pakistan

Man who killed a trans woman given death sentence in Pakistan

Alisha (right), a trans woman, was shot to death in 2016 | Picture: Facebook

A court in Pakistan has handed down the death sentence to a man for killing a trans woman in 2016.

Fazal Gijar fired eight bullets at Alisha over her refusal to meet his ‘illegal demands,’ according to The News. 

Not only was he fined RS1 million [US$14,492.00] he was sentenced to hanging, becoming the 14th execution in the country this year, records show.

What happened?

Dayan was extorting Alisha, 25, for money in 23 May 2016 in Peshawar. After she refused to pay, he shot her eight times.

But it was a declaration on her deathbed that lead to courts sentencing Dayan.

Alisha recorded a statement after medical staff took her to the Government Lady Reading Hospital in critical condition.

Also, a forensic science laboratory report and witness testimonies corresponded the report, according to the court’s 36 page-long judgement.

The funeral of Alisha was held at the residence of human rights defender Qamar Naseem.

What happened in the court room?

The court of Additional District and Sessions Judge, Peshawar Saadia Andaleeb, extended the death sentence to Fazal Dayan.

However, the court acquitted co-accused Rahmatullah in the murder case by giving him benefit of doubt.

Gul Rehman defended Alisha in the case along with the senior public prosecutor representing the state.

The fine will be paid directly to any of Alisha’s relatives, if any.

Doctors left Alisha untreated, group claim

Moreover, Alisha was district coordinator of Trans Action Alliance.

The group wrote a series of posts documenting the assault on their Facebook page. In it, the group claimed that medical staff at the hospital mistreated Alisha.

Furthermore, hey alleged that staff left Alisha untreated for several hours. As well as asking her colleagues inappropriate questions.

Although, this would not be the first time this happened in Pakistan.

‘As shifted to a female ward but then female patients had a problem with her being transgender,’ they wrote, around four hours after the attack.

In addition, on the 30 May 2016 when authorities first arrested Dayan, the group paid tribute with a fireworks display.

It captioned the video of the crackling celebrations with: We are happy, and we crying.’

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