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How to make your man fall in love with you on vacation

How to make your man fall in love with you on vacation

Have a holiday romance all over again...

Your vacation, that beloved time of the year which can become a real issue for all couples — gay included.

It’s a time when you could find yourself falling in love with your other half all over again. Or, find a million reasons to break up, before even getting off the plane…

Spending so much time with your boyfriend can help you discover hidden aspects of his character, good and bad.

To help you survive, we, the gay travel experts Travel by Interest (ex Destsetters), bring you this guide to navigating the minefield that can be a romantic holiday. If you don’t want to spend yours sleeping in separate beds, pay attention to these top tips…

1 Find the destination: a strategic procedure

The first and most important step of the vacation process is deciding what destination to visit. Be careful, however. It’s not the final decision that matters most, but the whole deciding procedure.

In order for both of you to be happy, clearly state your arguments, and communicate as directly as in all other aspects of the relationship. And please, always include him in any decision-making!

If you’re in a closed relationship (with a jealous guy…)

If you are monogamous with a guy who gets jealous easily, think carefully about your destination, and the scope for arguments that lie therein.

Let’s assume you are planning to visit Greece. You would definitely prefer Crete over Mykonos, which at certain times of year is an anything-goes party destination. Crete is just as romantic a setting for couples, but without an organized gay life.

On the other hand, if you do dream of going to Mykonos, we won’t leave you without arguments. In such an open-minded place, you will be able to freely express yourself and your feelings towards each other, without minding what other people say. So, in the end, it’s up to you to convince him…

If you’re in an open relationship

Many human beings bring an openminded, pluralistically sexual approach to relationships. For many men, the more is, indeed, the merrier. If you and your bae fall into this category, then a beautiful destination with an intense gay scene might be the best way to go.

For example, if you have decided to visit Thailand, the best choice for you would be Phuket. A place which ideally combines loud and crowded beaches with an amazing gay scene and nightlife.

Even if you are a spicy couple that wants to visit a calm destination such as Koh Samui, your choices will still be great. Beautiful, unofficial gay beaches, crowded nearby resorts and of course, the popular gay dating apps will help you meet new, exciting people.

Choose the right hotel: this will be your love nest

Pay a lot of attention to your upcoming hotel experience. This is where the most relaxing and private moments with your man will take place. Investing in a top hotel will not only make your holidays together more special, but could add an intense erotic touch to your relationship.

Imagine a hotel room with a private pool or a Jacuzzi. What would be better than taking a selfie in the arms of your partner, having the most stylish room in the backdrop? Or waking up in a classy, luxurious room, that will stimulate your passion for life, and for the man lying next to you? Don’t overthink it: when it comes to choosing a hotel, go for the best!

The location of the hotel is very important, so make sure to pick one with several things to do in and around the area.

If you don’t know where to start looking, the ‘Hotels For Gay Travelers‘ section of Travel by Interest comes in handy. You can find the best hotel recommendations and see in detail what’s around each property, as well as each place’s distance from where you will be staying.

Be spontaneous and sexy, but not too much!

You know each other well and you are about to spend more time together than you usually do. So, accept the challenge and do everything you can to surprise your partner. If you are the relationship’s tougher and more distant member, make an unexpected gesture by bringing him breakfast to bed. Just imagine how surprised he will be – and how he will reward you afterwards!

Try also to be original and spontaneous. You are on holiday, so don’t be afraid to suggest and try new things and experiences. This will bring you closer to each other and create new memories to share together and with your friends!

Plan things to do and find alternatives: but don’t be too militant

If you are in a new relationship, you might be thinking: ‘how am I supposed to spend all these free hours with a man I barely know?’ If this is the case, fear not: homework is the solution! In order to avoid the boring gaps, make sure to plan and prepare your travel itinerary in advance. Don’t stick to the ordinary, tourist-popular activities. And, for your own good, do not only include gay and gay-related places!

Do research on the destination and find the most interesting things to do, that will satisfy both of you. Discover the local cuisine, do some fun sightseeing and prepare special surprises for him, based on what he likes most. For example, if he is an art lover, but you are not, find the least boring art gallery around. This will make him happy, and fall in love with you, the man who ‘puts him above all,’ even more.

In any case, do not decide the exact program on your own. Present him with all the choices and decide together. And if you find yourself needing some holiday ideas, go through Travel by Interest‘s fascinating gay travel guides. They will give you many ideas for fun and interesting things to do and places to see in each destination.

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