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Manchester terror attack: Be inspired by how Martyn Hett’s sister aced her GCSEs

Manchester terror attack: Be inspired by how Martyn Hett’s sister aced her GCSEs

RIP Martyn Hett

While we knew Martyn Hett, a gay victim of the Manchester bombing attack, had inspired thousands – it turns out it runs in the family.

His sister Nikita took some exams in the days after the terror attack.

And she found out today she got 11 A* grades, acing them completely.

Brother Dan Hett paid tribute to his sister on Twitter.

‘My little sister Nik is an actual hero. Skip back to the literal day after we found out about Martyn being killed,’ he said.

‘We were obviously completely numb, fried, drained. We’d been through something absolutely unreal and were all trying to figure it out.

‘I came downstairs, and Nik was sat on the stairs in full school uniform, tying her shoes. I couldn’t understand why, I didn’t even know what day it was at that point, it had been such a horrific few days.’

He said the school had said they would use her predicted grades considering her situation.

Martyn Hett’s sister is ‘so inspiring’

‘Nik said: nope! and took the lot,’ Hett remembered.

‘Under the most horrific conditions, after going through (and continuing to go through) it all, she didn’t skip a beat…Sleeves rolled up, get it done. Nothing wasted despite it all,’ he added.

‘I have never been more proud or amazed by anyone. In conclusion: my kid sister is the toughest person I have ever met. don’t mess with her. Be inspired.’

Martyn Hett was one of 22 people killed in the bomb blast after the Ariana Grande concert on 22 May.

A Coronation Street superfan, he was known for his tattoo of Deirdre Barlow. Celebrities, including Mariah Carey, paid tribute to him. Many public figures were among the hundreds who attended his funeral which was broadcast live around the world.