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Manchester on your mobile

Manchester on your mobile

We’ve always loved Canal Street… Manchester has the friendliest and, often, wildest gay scene in Britain.

Now we can get all the latest straight to our mobiles with the Canal Street app, which we’ve just discovered for iPhone (iPod and iPad) and Android.

It’s dead easy to use and has all the latest info on the scene and the best LGBT venues so you can plan your night out.

But what we really like about it is that it’s not just scene stuff – there’s community and gay sports activities to get involved in and arts and culture too. Plus the competition page hands out freebies ranging from show and gig tickets to cool products.

Altogether perfect if you’re a Mancunian planning your night out or a visitor planning your free time in the city.

It’s free to download from the site. And check out for the full, desktop version.