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Do you want to buy Manchester’s oldest gay nightclub?

Do you want to buy Manchester’s oldest gay nightclub?

Napoleons on Bloom Street, Manchester, England

What is believed to be the oldest LGBTI nightclub in Manchester’s gay village, Napoleons, has gone on the market for £800,000 ($1million/€955,000).

The venue was originally a restaurant, but was turned into a bar in the 1940s. It’s been serving the local gay community for at least the past 40 years, first under the ownership of local drag legend Foo Foo Lamar.

He sold it to current owners Anne and Melvin Taylor 30 years ago.

The couple also own nearby club Cruz101.

Melvin told the Manchester Evening News that the couple were unsure of their future plans.

‘My wife has been talking about taking a gap year, just taking a break; we’ve been working non-stop for over 30 years! But I know I’ll get bored, so I’m sure we’ll find something,’ he said.

‘We’ve recently moved back home to where we used to live, in Disley , we love it there but have lived in the city center for years, so it’s nice to be back.’

Anne told the paper she had seen huge changes in attitudes towards LGBTI people in Manchester during her time at Napoleons: ‘It’s far better for everybody, you don’t have to hide anymore. It’s great that people can go anywhere and hardly anyone bats an eyelid.

‘We have a lot of transgender people who come in and say to us “I was born here”. For lots and lots of people it was where they could come and knew it was going to be safe.

‘If you come here, you come to respect the place and the people in it, it’s as simple as that. That’s our motto.’

She said the decision to move on had been a hard one.

‘It’s my baby, it is definitely going to be a real wrench for me.’

GSN has reached out to the Taylors for further comment.


H/T: Manchester Evening News

Main image: Gene Hunt licensed via CreativeCommons2.0