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WATCH: Chelsea Manning announces run for US Senate

WATCH: Chelsea Manning announces run for US Senate

Chelsea Manning is running for US Senate.

The trans activist and former Army Intelligence Analyst has announced she will be running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.

She will run as a democrat.

Manning will be running against Democrat Ben Cardin. He has served two terms in the Senate.

Evan Greer is the campaign director of the nonprofit Fight for the Future. He was also a support of Manning while she was imprisoned.

He said: ‘Chelsea Manning has fought for freedom and sacrificed for it in ways that few others have,

‘The world is a better place with her as a free woman, and this latest news makes it clear she is only beginning to make her mark on it.’

Manning’s campaign video features a powerful message.

‘We live in trying times.

Times of Fear— of suppression— of hate.

We don’t need more—or better leaders.

We need someone willing to fight.

We need to stop asking them to give us our rights.

They won’t support us.

They won’t compromise.

We need to stop expecting that our systems will somehow fix themselves.

We need to actually take the reins of power from them.

We need to challenge them at every level.

We need to fix this.

We don’t need them anymore.

We can do better.

You’re damn right #WeGotThis.’

Watch Chelsea’s campaign video below