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How many people identify as gay or bisexual in England?

How many people identify as gay or bisexual in England?

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New figures have revealed how many people identify as gay and bisexual are living in England today (1 February).

Public Health England have revealed their study into how many people are lesbian, gay or bisexual out of the 53 million population.

While this is purporting to be the most accurate statistics ever given on the population of the LGB community, using 15 different surveys of the nation, the numbers vary.

The weighted estimate of people identifying as LGB or ‘other’ is 2.5%. This suggests there would be 1,358, 848 identifying as LGB in England.

If people responded ‘prefer not to say’, ‘don’t know’, or gave no answer are all assumed to be LGB, the percentage raises to 5.89%.

Men, younger age groups, and mixed/multiple or other ethnic groups were most likely to identify as gay, bisexual or lesbian.

The most common places for LGB people to live was in Greater London, at 5.1%, Greater Manchester, at 3.6%, and Brighton and Hove, at 9.9%.

A Public Health England spokesperson said: ‘There is evidence to suggest that minority sexual orientation groups can experience high prevalence of poor mental health and low wellbeing.

‘In order to assess health outcomes by sexual orientation, there is a need for a widely accepted national estimate of the size of the lesbian, gay and bisexual population in England.’

PHE said previous surveys have been problematic due to that gay people may not wish to come out to researchers for a variety of reasons. They said they did what was possible to make allowances for this. They admitted further work is needed to include transgender and intersex people.

Matthew Hodson, executive director at NAM, told Gay Star News: ‘The figures, as the report acknowledges, are questionable, but its tried to establish a process, so that henceforward we may better to be able to observe fluctuations.

‘If we’re not counted, we don’t count.’