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Margot Talks to answer all your questions about gender and identiy

Margot Talks to answer all your questions about gender and identiy

Margot Fink faces camera against a sky blue background

Growing up Margot Fink was the only bi, trans and biracial girl at her tightknit Jewish school in Australia.

When it came to asking questions – let alone finding answers – about gender and sexuality she had nowhere to go.

‘I didn’t know anyone quite like me,’ Fink told Gay Star News.

‘Trying to figure out sexuality and gender and finding a place in my community left me with a lot of questions and no clear place to seek answers.’

Her original lack of knowledge has not stopped Fink from being an trailblazer for LGBTI – especially trans – youth.

Fink, 23, has been an active advocate for the community for seven year. At the age of 19 she was named a Young Victorian of the Year finalist.

Her resume is impressive; she was a driving force behind All Of Us, the first government-approved LGBTI teaching resource in Australia.

Fink has worked at the LGBTI youth organization Minus18 and she helped lead the trans youth group YGender. For a long time she also did LGBTI advocacy work with the Victorian Government and Police.

She was on the steering committee of Safe Schools Australia, who pioneered a world-leading resource to help LGBTI people in schools.

All of this when she was barely out of her teens.

Something new

Fink took a break from advocacy, but is now back with a fun webseries.

She’s out on a mission to help the world understand gender and identity and her Margot Talks series does just that.

‘A lot of information out there can be pretty complex or inaccessible if you’re not familiar with the terms and concepts already,’ she said.

‘I wanted to create videos that still cover all the important stuff and are inclusive, but distill that down in a way that anyone can watch and find easy to access.

‘So that’s what I’ve tried to focus on and work from, what did I want to know and need to hear when I was still figuring everything out?’

Margot has the answers

Fink is constantly writing ideas down for what she wants to talk about on her web series and not too much is off limits.

Created entirely by volunteers the Margot Talks hopes to tackle topics like; coming out and transitioning, dating as a trans person, what going on hormones is actually like, making public spaces inclusive, and the different ways religion and cultural diversity can intersect with being LGBTI.

‘In part it’s definitely my own lived experience, as well as talking to other people like me. Over the past seven years I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many amazing people through my work,’ she said.

‘And the big lesson I’ve learned out of all of that is if you’re looking for an expert on any topic, you have to start with the people that have lived it.’

Why you should watch Margot Talks

Margot Talks gives people the ‘primer to be the awesome ally that makes a difference in other peoples lives’.

‘I think watching and sharing videos like these is important, because it helps make a more inclusive world for those around us,’ she said.

‘Even if you’re not same gender attracted, or trans, or a person of colour, and so on, you never know when someone may come into your life who is.

‘And that person might need support, or a bit of guidance, and most of all understanding.’

New Margot Talks videos will come out regularly on Facebook and YouTube.

As time goes on – and with hopes of a bigger budget – Fink release new videos more often. People can contributed to her Patreon here.

International Women’s Day

The first Margot Talks was released on International Women’s Day and discusses what it means to be a woman.

Watch it now: