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Mariah Carey runs into Sandra Bernhard on Andy Cohen’s show after historic feud

Mariah Carey runs into Sandra Bernhard on Andy Cohen’s show after historic feud

Mariah, Sandra and Andy | Photos: The Butterfly Returns/Marc Jacobs/WWHL

Mariah Carey has ran into Sandra Bernhard, with whom she had a long-standing feud, on Andy Cohen’s radio show.

The GTFO singer’s surprise appearance on Radio Andy was even recorded on camera phone – with guest Sandra immediately taking steps to ease the tension.

‘Let’s bury the hatchet,’ insists the comic, amidst Watch What Happens Live star Andy’s excitement over Mimi’s new album.

Mariah, who has visible reservations about staying on the show to chat, replies: ‘Gosh, I don’t know where this is gonna go…’

‘We don’t need to go down that memory lane’

To this Sandra says: ‘I adore you. Even back in the day. We’ve talked this through.’

‘Sandy loves you!’ chimes in Andy.

‘Well, well, well, well… we don’t need to go down that memory lane.’

Although it’s unclear where her relationship with Sandra stands now, Mariah did pose for a picture with her and Andy before leaving the show.

It seems Mariah and Sandra’s feud started in the 90s, after Sandra used Mariah’s lovelife for material for her comedy.

‘She said I look good’

She told Andy on air after Mariah had left: “I did a funny piece about Mimi years ago, and [Mariah’s former manager] Sandy Gallin, god rest his soul, called me and said, “Please stop doing this piece about Mimi.” I said, “It’s funny!”‘

Sandra furthermore added she felt the pair had ‘smoothed things over’, saying: ‘She knows, she said I look good. She looks fabulous. She’s been through so much and she’s still standing and looking terrific.

‘I am a little overwhelmed. There are certain people that are really iconic and wonderful. Yeah, she’s crazy, but she’s so brilliant in her craziness.’

Sandra has long been an out and proud LGBTI women, telling Andy Cohen on WWHL in 2014: ‘I’m not a lesbian. … I transcend sexuality.

Mariah, known for hits like Butterfly and My All, releases her new album Caution tomorrow.

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