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Marriage equality causing an uptick in Pennsylvania wedding events

Marriage equality causing an uptick in Pennsylvania wedding events

Hotels in Philadelphia are reporting a flurry of phone calls about weddings ever since a judge struck down Pennsylvania’s marriage ban.

On 20 May, US District Judge John E. Jones III ruled in a suit brought by 11 same-sex couples, a widow, and two teenage daughters of one of the couples.

No stay was issued and the next day Republican Governor Tom Corbett announced he would not appeal the decision.

Wedding planners in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia’s nickname, are pleased with the ruling and the jump in potential sales it caused.

‘It’s great for business, ‘ Jaimi Gordon, of the Loew’s Hotel, said to CBS Philadelphia News.

‘It’s great for those of us who are in the hospitality industry, and it certainly is a reason (for us) to celebrate because it means more potential business for us, the opportunity to host more events,’ she continued.

Gordon added some couples are not waiting the standard year to get the nuptials ready.

‘As soon as the announcement came and the lines were forming at City Hall for the licenses, I think that the couples were immediately looking to plan their weddings,’ Gordon said to CBS.

Pennsylvania’s prohibition against marriage equality was passed in 1996.

Same-sex couples can now be married in 19 US states.