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Marriage equality is good for mental health

Marriage equality is good for mental health

Proof that marriage equality means better mental health came today as the Australian Psychological Society backed same-sex marriage.

Incidences of suicide and stress are less prevalent in married gay people than those who are prevented from doing so researchers have said.

The Australian Psychological Society represents over 20,000 Australian psychologists and therefore lends significant weight to the fight for marriage equality.

Professor Simon Crowe, president of the APS said: ‘Decades of psychological research provides the evidence linking marriage to mental health benefits, and highlighting the harm to individuals’ mental health of exclusion. The APS supports the full recognition of same-sex relationships on the basis of this evidence.’

Rodney Croome, Australian Marriage Equality campaign director welcomed the APS statement and said: ‘The APS statement sends a clear message to all federal MPs – if you support better mental health outcomes for Australian families then you must support gay marriage.’

Psychologists have to deal with the knock on effect of discrimination on a daily basis and have also spoken out in favour of the findings.

Martin, a psychologist from the Centre for Human Potential in Brisbane said: ‘This illustrates what I’ve seen in my practice for over 25 years, namely that legislative discrimination against gays and lesbians fosters the kind of negative stereotypes and prejudice that lead directing to psychological stress and self-loathing.’

The Australian endorsement follows a similar statement by the American Psychological Association in August which also cited research showing marriage equality improves mental health of same-sex attracted people.

Currently same-sex marriages are allowed in 12 countries on four continents across the world.

In Australia cohabitating same-sex couples have the same rights as cohabiting heterosexual couples under state law, but same-sex marriage is not yet allowed under Australian federal law.

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