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Married gay man’s arm broken in alleged homophobic attack in Sydney

Married gay man’s arm broken in alleged homophobic attack in Sydney

Two photos. The first is of Kurt and Adrian, they're sitting down wearing hoodies against a white wall. The other photo is a grainy shot of a man

A Sydney man was hospitalized after his arm was broken in an alleged homophobic attack.

Adrian Kalaiziovski and his husband, Kurt Johnson, were getting out of an Uber on Sunday night (29 April). They were in the inner-city suburb of Redfern when the man allegedly started hurling abuse at them.

‘He called us faggots for a good 5 minutes and continued to taunt us and antagonise us,’ Johnson wrote on Facebook.

Once the altercation died down and the couple walked away from the man, he decided to allegedly follow them again.

‘This “hero” came around the corner looking to start a fight by asking “one of you faggots got a lighter”,’ Johnson wrote.

‘Things got heated and he ended up attacking my husband and broke his forearm. Adrian is currently in hospital awaiting surgery as the break needs pins to support it.’

Hate crimes in 2018

Sydney is one of Australia’s most gay friendly cities and is home to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, the biggest LGBTI Pride event in the Southern Hemisphere.

Johnson said he could not believe he and his husband were the victims of an alleged homophobic attack.

‘I can’t believe that he was the victim of a hate crime in 2018. I’m still at a loss for words,’ he wrote.

Johnson shared a photo he took of the man on Facebook and asked people to help identify him.

‘If you can share this so we can try and have this homophobe brought to justice, that would also be a help,’ he wrote.

The couple are doing ‘fine’ as they await Kalaiziovski’s surgery. Johnson said the staff at the RPA Hospital in Sydney were treating them very well.

What to do if you’re in the same situation

Sydney Police’s Assistant Commissioner Tony Crandell, said the violence the men face ‘concerned’ him.

‘I am always concerned about acts of violence and even more so when abuse is accompanied by vilification and bias related comments surrounding a person’s sexual orientation,’ he told Gay Star News.

‘Bias crimes motivated by discrimination regarding a person’s sexuality or gender identity is never acceptable.’

He said Police were investigating the ‘miscreant behavior’ and encouraged ‘anyone who suspects they have been the victim of a bias motivated crime to report it to police’. If we don’t know about it, we can’t investigate it.

Crandell said the victims’ quick response to filming the incident and contacting police immediately will help track down the suspect.

‘Whilst there are universal precautions that can be taken by potential victims of crime like staying in well lit areas and among groups of people where possible, the circumstances of this matter simply shows a good positive reaction, including the recording of a person’s image as the basis for further police investigation,’ he said.

‘I could not ask or expect more from any victim of violence.’

Some good news out of all of this

Crandell said that while hate crimes do still happen in Sydney, LGBTI attacks weren’t happening as often.

‘These types of attacks are being reported less frequently by the LGBTIQ community,’ he said.

‘I certainly don’t want victim’s of violent crimes to think that they in any way contribute to the behaviour inflicted upon them.

‘It is the role of police to prevent, detect and disrupt criminal acts, including those motivated by bias.’

Gay Star News has reached out to the couple for comment.