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Piers Morgan shut down during gender fluidity debate on Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan shut down during gender fluidity debate on Good Morning Britain

Sonequa Martin-Green debated with Piers Morgan on GMB this morning (7 November)

Actress Sonequa Martin-Green shut down Piers Morgan during a discussion around gender fluidity.

She’s currently starring in Star Trek: Discovery as Michael Burnham, a character named after her father.

Digital Spy reports Martin-Green spoke positively about the forward thinking show.

She said: ‘I love all the political themes we’re exploring,

‘My character is named after her biological father… That is simply but profoundly a political statement of the gender fluidity of the future, where a daughter can be named after her father.’

Morgan has come under fire before for his handling of topics around gender identity.

Digital Spy then adds that Morgan said he was ‘unsettled’ by the concept of gender fluidity.

He said: ‘I’m very confused and unsettled by gender fluidity, people who wake up one day and think they’re Sonequa and the next day Michael.’

The presenter than asked Martin-Green if she’d be happy if her children were gender fluid.

She explained she ‘would support them because I love them unconditionally.’

Morgan continued with the debate. He asked if gender fluidity should ‘be an option.’

Martin-Green was not fazed

He said: ‘Is this a good thing, or is it a rather confusing thing?’

The question did not intimidate Martin-Green.

She responded: ‘Oh goodness. I don’t think anyone can speak… in those sort of personal terms because it is such an individual senstive highly personal sort of thing.

Everyone has a right to their individual highly person things. That’s part of being a human-being. At least that’s the way it should be.’

Martin-Green continued confidently in the discussion.

‘So in this case, when I’m speaking of gender fluidity, I’m talking about gender roles being in a more equal place, being on a more even playing field if you will.’

The actress explained she believes the entertainment industry should be more equal and not pay attention to the barriers put up by gender roles.

Morgan responded rather understandingly.

He said: ‘I have one word for that. Logical.’

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