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Marvel casting director says fans will see LGBTI characters in the future

Marvel casting director says fans will see LGBTI characters in the future

Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie in the Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok

Sarah Halley Finn, a casting director who works with Marvel Studios, promises LGBTI and other diverse characters are coming to the superhero cinematic universe in the future.

Finn has cast every Marvel movie since the film phenomenon began with Iron Man in 2008. She also cast the most recent film in the franchise — Avengers: Endgame, the 22nd movie, which broke records and earned $1.2 billion (€1.069 billion) worldwide in its first weekend.

While speaking to Vulture, Finn made the promise of more diverse characters.

‘You’re gonna see even more new faces — and faces from all different background, all ages, all ethnicities, LGBTQ, people who are differently abled,’ she said.

‘It’s a priority to have authenticity, to increase representation, to give greater representation to actors who have not traditionally been represented in mainstream movies on the big screen.’

Marvel Studios and other Hollywood production studios have been working with the Casting Society of America. This organization focuses on manifesting casting calls specifically for underrepresented actors.

Diversity earns money

Victoria Alonso, Marvel’s executive vice-president of production, added diversity and business go hand-in-hand.

She said: ‘The lesson with Captain Marvel and Black Panther, where the combined efforts of those two movies is $2.4 billion, is if you don’t do it, you’re leaving money on the table.

‘This is show business — there’s a business part to the show. Don’t leave money on the table. Just commit to it.’

She continued, adding that diversity is a ‘top priority’ for Marvel going forward.

‘We’re just determined to have it be how we do it. And if we do it, maybe somebody else will do it … I encourage every studio, every indie production company, every filmmaker out there to make an effort.’

Will it happen?

Marvel has been promising LGBTI representation for some time now — even after cutting LGBTI scenes from past movies like Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther.

Recently, fans have been unimpressed with LGBTI representation in superhero movies like Endgame and Shazam.

Directors touted the representation in both films. In both cases, however, it was minor and inconsequential — and sometimes up for interpretation, rather than being explicit.

To date, no major superhero on the big screen has been openly LGBTI.

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