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Marvel and DC definitely need to make films about these 13 LGBTI superheroes

Marvel and DC definitely need to make films about these 13 LGBTI superheroes

Batwoman's engagement is one of the most iconic panels in LGBTI history

It’s a week before Deadpool is released, and both star Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller have promised they will not shy away from his pansexual flirtatious attitude.

But there are plenty of other LGBTI superheroes out there, all ready to be chosen as the next star in a DC and Marvel flick.

13. Constantine (DC)

Hellblazer #51

A long running character in the DC universe Constantine finally got his own ongoing series in the New 52. It was his time in the Hellblazer comics that revealed a previous relationship with a man. There is an argument that his bisexuality should not be that big of a deal for his character but it would be good to see his sexuality more overtly explored. A film version has already been explored with Keanu Reeves, and a more faithful version on Amazon, but both didn’t reference his bisexuality at all.

12. Daken (Marvel)

Dark Wolverine #75

As the son of Wolverine he has all of his Dad’s powers, plus he can emit pheromones to confuse people when he’s fighting them, so not someone to bully about being gay. He ranks low on our list since he on occasion uses his pheromones to confuse men into sleeping with him making him a not so great example to live up to.

11. Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy (DC)

Harley Quinn #2

To most people Harley Quinn is a villain but nothing is set in the world of comics. Free from Joker she eventually shows in inclination towards the anti-hero. Even more so when she develops a relationship with Poison Ivy. The greatest example of how love can help change anyone for the better.

10. Catwoman (DC)

Catwoman #39

While her love story with Batman is one of the longest term ‘will they? won’t they?’ she is not someone to be constrained. This means that she is one of the genuine bisexual characters in DC that has likely been so for a long period, though it is only in the New 52 that writers have made this explicit.

9. Anole (Marvel)

Amazing X-Men #13

X-men has always tried to look at the world of prejudice and those that have to live through it, some times better than others. Anole is one of the better times. Not just struggling with being an outcast as a mutant and gay but having to struggle with the anxiety of being found attractive when his mutation makes him a green lizard man with a bulky, spiky arm. It is wonderful when eventually he puts himself out there and meets someone.

8. Bling (Marvel)

X-Men #7

Another mutant that has to struggle with her mutation affecting her looks is Bling, but her story stays in the school. A heartbreaking look at what it’s like coming to terms with your sexuality and having the strength to come out to your crush only for it to end badly. Fortunately X-men are tough and Bling shows us not to let one disaster hold us back from being happy.

7. Mystique (Marvel)


One of Mystique’s redeeming features is her love story with Irene Adler, Destiny. Mystique has had relationships with women and men. As a shapeshifter she is the epitome of gender fluid and that lends itself to fluidity of sexual choices.

6. Batwoman (DC)

Batwoman #17

Batwoman is the most visibly and openly lesbian character in the DC universe. When brought back as Kate Kane, DC looked to show diversity and used her for that, creating a love story between her and officer Maggie Sawyer. As with many superhero comics they explored the strain of having a secret identity brings to a relationship but with a happy ending in DC’s first same-sex engagement.

5. Bunker (DC)

Teen Titans #30

Bunker is both an immigrant and gay. Fortunately for him,the Teen Titans take him in and he becomes a permanent member of the team. He is one of the few gay characters born in the DC universe and to continue to be a popular character.

4. Northstar (Marvel)

Astonishing X-Men #51

Despite Northstar’s terrible arrogance and attitude he managed to find a man to love him, Kyle Jinadu. Not only fall in love but find himself the centre of a story that saw the first wedding of a same sex couple in Marvel comics.

3. Midnighter & Apollo (DC)

Stormwatch #6

Brought into the main DC universe when the New 52 began, Midnighter and Apollo are a long term gay couple. A comparison of abilities suggests that Midnighter is essentially Batman and Apollo is closely similar to Superman which has always led to the theory that they are the writers’ look at what Batman and Superman would be like as a couple.

2. Iceman (Marvel)

Uncanny X-man #600

Coming out late in life, it was a lovely shock to find out that Iceman had been keeping this secret for years. A story so many of us can empathise with, being given the opportunity to speak to our younger self and to see a younger you be free to be who they are in a more accepting society.

1. The Young Avengers (Marvel)

Young Avengers #15

Our number one choice is a whole team and the only team in the Marvel or DC universes that doesn’t have one strictly heterosexual character. There’s the famous gay couple Wiccan and Hulkling, and the lesbian who kicks butt Ms Marvel, with the other bisexual members Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Marvel Boy, Prodigy, and Loki. The 2014/15 story was a strong exploration of teens learning about themselves and being a generation that views gender and sexuality in more loose terms than their older counterparts. It makes it a hopeful read for future generations feeling accepted by society and not having to hide a part of themselves.

Wonderfully since the events of Secret Wars in Marvel Wiccan and Hulkling have appeared in main stream stories and it will be great to see others of their teammates appear there too. While it is good to see them there is is a little sad that we won’t see that LGBT only team again in the foreseeable future.

In the larger universes at Marvel and DC the representation of LGBT is still pretty small but things are looking better than they did ten years ago, the recent restart of the Amazing Spiderman #1 saw Peter Parker at the wedding of his old boss and friend Max Modell marrying his long time boyfriend. Still it would be good to see more diversity in the superheroes and a spread into other aspects of DC and Marvel mediums. So who would you like to see in the films or Tv series? And is there anyone missing from our list that you’d want to see? Leave some suggestions in the comments.