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Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says LGBTI superhero is ‘percolating’

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says LGBTI superhero is ‘percolating’

Ikaris, one of the protagonists of The Eternals.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige gave fans hope of an LGBTI hero last week (8 March).

In an interview with ET, the president said the idea of an LGBTI hero is ‘percolating.’

He was asked which is closest to happening: the introduction of Kamala Khan, an LGBTI superhero, or another Taika Waititi film.

Feige replied: ‘I think all of those are percolating and, let’s put it this way, they’re all percolating.

‘I do want to keep the focus on this one and on the immediate future.

‘But everything you just named are percolating, some closer than others.’

Is there an LGBTI superhero ‘percolating’?

Rumors have swirled that the studio’s new project, The Eternals, swill feature their first openly gay male superior.

Based off the 1976 comics created by James Kirby, the movie will focus on the group of defenders and their war against The Defiants.

The studio is hinting for an openly gay actor who ‘physically looks like a superhero’ for the lead.

‘The world is ready’

Marvel’s marvellous cinematic universe of crime-fighting heroes has made huge strides in the superhero film genre.

This tails Marvel production chief Victoria Alonso who last week said LGBTI representation is the next box they want to tick.

‘The world is ready, the world is ready,’ she told Variety.

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