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This Marvel superhero has just had his first gay kiss in the comics

This Marvel superhero has just had his first gay kiss in the comics

Iceman kisses another guy in this ground-breaking issue

Comics has had another landmark moment as adult Iceman – Bobby Drake – has had his first gay kiss.

But wait, you’re saying, hasn’t Iceman been out and gay with a boyfriend for a while now?

To be clear, there are two Icemans currently running around the comics X-Men universe. There is the adult Iceman, the same one that comic fans have grown up with since the 1960s.

There is also a time-displaced Iceman, after teenage Bobby was brought from the past to the present. Teen Bobby was outed by psychic Jean Grey, and has since come out, kissed a guy and got a boyfriend.

It was revealed it wasn’t just teen Bobby that was coming to terms with being gay, it was adult Bobby too.

In a new mini-series penned by gay writer Sina Grace, the first Marvel solo series to star a gay lead, adult Bobby is seen exploring his sexuality.

Meeting a guy in Los Angeles named Judah, he hilariously nervously flirts his way into his first gay kiss.

‘Thoughts on kissing men?’ Judah asks.

‘Net positive. Gotta get used to the stubbly,’ Bobby replies.

‘Also, strange observation: A lot of the girls I’ve kissed would sort of fall into me. You kissed back, hard.

‘I talk a lot when I’m nervous.’

Iceman star: ‘X-Men have always been about diversity’

You can follow teen Bobby’s adventures, as well as seeing what the rest of the original X-Men are up to, in the current run of X-Men Blue.

Shawn Ashmore, who played Iceman, has said he would love to play a gay story line in a future film.

‘’X-Men have always been about diversity, it’s the key message of the film,’ he said.

‘If Iceman came out in a film I think it would stay very much on point and on message about what films are about.’