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Marvel just put X-Men hero Iceman back in the closet

Marvel just put X-Men hero Iceman back in the closet

Iceman finally gets a gay kiss after 54 years of waiting

Due to time-travel complications, Marvel Comics just upset fans with a story decision — memory erasure is forcing X-Men hero Iceman back into the closet.

The final issue of the Extermination series from Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz revealed this plot point.

First, some backstory.

2012’s All-New X-Men was based on the simple premise of kidnapping five young, original X-Men — Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, and Angel — and sending them into the future.

Over the course of this plot, Iceman aka Bobby Drake came out — twice.

First, the younger, displaced version came out in April 2015. Months later, the younger Bobby confronted his older and present self about their sexuality. Writer Brian Michael Bendis fixed this time-traveling conundrum by having the older Bobby also come out.

Fans were thrilled and actor Shawn Ashmore, who played Bobby in the original X-Men films, expressed multiple times wanting to return to the role and depict the character as openly gay.

So what happened?

The final issue of Extermination brought this six-year arc to a close by returning the displaced X-Men to their original time period.

To protect the timeline, the group decides they must wipe their memories. Unfortunately, this meant the young Bobby had to go back into the closet and erase his memories of coming out.

Young Bobby addresses this with the current Bobby before going back in time.

‘I’m not the same person,’ young Bobby says in the issue. ‘I don’t want to go back to pretending I’m something I’m not.’

The older Bobby responds with compassion: ‘If you hadn’t come here and been able to embrace who you really are, then I’d still be living a lie too.

‘So, no matter what happens when you go back, you finally let me be honest with myself. And no one can take that from us.’

Unhappy fans

Since the release of the issue, fans have been tweeting their displeasure.

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