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Mass LGBTI protest planned after success of Women’s March

Mass LGBTI protest planned after success of Women’s March

Gay rights protest will be held in London

A mass protest against President Trump’s threats against the LGBTI community is in the works.

After the success of the Women’s March last week, David Bruinooge from New York took to Facebook.

Bruinooge created a Facebook event entitled Gays on the Mall and it immediately started getting attention.

The event page said: ‘We want to build off the momentum the strong women in the US and around the world started on January 21st.’

‘They set the tone with their leadership and it is our intention as a community to follow their lead and play our part,’ it continued.

The protest will be held around the same time as Washington Pride on 8-11 June in the country’s capital.

But after consultation with Capital Pride Alliance, Bruinooge changed the name of the event to National Pride March.

Bruinooge told the Washington Blade: ‘I was very proud and inspired by all the women… taking this to the street and getting their voices heard.’

‘As an openly gay man, I thought the gay community should also be doing something like this to follow up on the momentum,’ he said.

‘This will be an ALL inclusive and peaceful event’

In addition, the Facebook event urges people who live in different US cities to start protest marches of their own.

‘Let’s make this truly a National Pride March that spreads from coast to coast and shows solidarity.’

The march will start in the morning and end at the site of the Pride festival.

Currently, over 22,000 people have clicked ‘attending’ on the event and 84,000 are also interested.

The Women’s March in Washington D.C. was the largest in the world last weekend, with over 500,000 people in attendance.

Celebrities made appearances at the Washington D.C. Women’s March, including Katy Perry, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Zendaya.

People protested Trump threatening to take away the rights of women, minorities and LGBTI people.