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Massachusetts votes to keep protecting trans people from discrimination

Massachusetts votes to keep protecting trans people from discrimination

People marching for Yes on Prop 3 in Massachusetts

The people of Massachusetts voted today in the state’s midterm election to keep protections in place for their transgender community.

Proposition 3 was a veto referendum, allowing people to vote on whether or not they want to repeal a state law. In 2016, Masschusetts passed Senate Bill 2407.

The law prohibits discrimination in areas of public accommodation on the basis of gender identity.

A No vote would repeal this anti-discrimination law. A Yes vote would preserve it and continue protecting people who are not cisgender in Massachusetts.

The Yes vote won with 68% of the vote, while the No vote earned 32% of the vote. Massachusetts had 2,173 precincts participating.

A ‘powerful message’

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin called this victory a ‘powerful message’.

‘From North Carolina and Virginia to Alaska and Massachusetts, we have demonstrated that when we stand together and fight back against attacks on our progress, we win,’ he continued. ‘The LGBTQ community is indebted to the courage of so many transgender people – particularly young people – who opened hearts, changed minds and laid the foundation for this victory.’

HRC National Press Secretary Sarah McBride added her own jubilant comments: ‘Transgender residents of Massachusetts can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their hard-fought protections will remain in place.’

Laverne Cox, who has been campaigning for the Yes vote, shared her excitement on Twitter.

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