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Matt Bomer on playing gay superhero: ‘It’s not the sole thing that defines him’

Matt Bomer on playing gay superhero: ‘It’s not the sole thing that defines him’

Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor. kissing a man

Matt Bomer opened up about playing his groundbreaking gay superhero role in new DC Universe series Doom Patrol.

The 41-year-old openly gay actor revealed he said yes to the role of Negative Man (aka Larry Trainor) because the portrayal of the character’s sexuality wasn’t stereotypical.

Larry is a former United States Air Force test pilot who was having an illicit gay affair behind his wife’s back. He had a horrific accident, exposing himself to negative energy and giving him super powers.

Matt Bomer (L) in Doom Patrol
Matt Bomer (L) in Doom Patrol | Photo: YouTube/DC

‘I’d never really seen a gay male superhero,’ he told Variety. ‘What I love most about the character is that even though it’s a huge struggle internally for him, it’s not the sole thing that defines who he is.’

Bomer then added: ‘He’s such a multifaceted character. If it was just one stereotypical aspect of him I would have had reservations about it.’

DC Universe dropped the trailer for the live-action TV show on earlier this month.


The pilot episode of Doom Patrol aired 15 February, with the second airing on Friday (22 February). The third episode comes out 1 March, with 12 more hour-long episodes in the works.

On the tone of the series, Bomer described it as ‘trippy, abstract and absurdist’.

He then added: ‘If this had just been another formulaic, down the middle, noir-ish, Gotham-y type of series, I would not have been a part of it.’

Matthew Zuk physically portrays the gay superhero and Matt Bomer does the voiceover.

The Doom Patrol first appeared in DC Comics in 1963. Chief, Robotman, Negative Man, and Elasti-Woman were all part of that original team.

Over time, the team became known as the ‘World’s Strangest Heroes’, whose powers caused them trauma and alienation. The series seems to keep this intact.

The most recent volume of Doom Patrol was written by Gerard Way in 2016. Way also wrote the graphic novel The Umbrella Academy, which is now a Netflix series with Ellen Page.

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