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Matt Dallas shares sweet story about coming out to his dad

Matt Dallas shares sweet story about coming out to his dad

In their latest YouTube post, actor Matt Dallas and music producer husband Blue Hamilton share memories of coming out as gay.

While Dallas, 33, did not come out publicly to the world until announcing his engagement to Hamilton two years ago, he had begun coming out to his family 15 years earlier.

He started with his brother who flat out asked him if he had a boyfriend. When Dallas said yes, his brother casually said that he was gay too. Turns out his brother isn’t gay but had said so in solidarity.

‘I still love you anyway,’ the brother said.

Says Dallas in the video: ‘It was really like the sweetest thing ever. It always makes me tear up telling the story.’

He told his dad a short time later.

His parents were going through a divorce at the time and he and his dad were in the car together on their way to a movie with his siblings.

‘I said to my dad, “Hey dad are you going to be around later tonight? I want to come over and talk to you about something.”’

They sat in silence for a moment before his dad said: ‘Matt, if you’re going to tell me you’re gay, I already know and it’s cool. And I love you.’

Dallas now says, laughing: ‘Every time I tried to come out to somebody, they already knew!’

Dallas and Hamilton, married last July, have adopted a two-year-old boy named Crow who they introduced to the world in a charming video last month.