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Max Emerson and boyf trolled by homophobes on Tiffany & Co. Insta

Max Emerson and boyf trolled by homophobes on Tiffany & Co. Insta

Max Emerson [right] and boyfriend Andrés Camilo

Max Emerson and his partner have become the targets of homophobic trolls after a photo of them was posted on the Tiffany & Co. Instagram page.

Actor Max is in a relationship with Andrés Camil.

The jewelry brand posted a picture of the couple in which Max is wearing what appears to be a Tiffany ring.

‘Relationships and family are becoming so malleable’

They shared the shot along with a quote from the pair, which reads: ‘It’s really cool that the idea of relationships and family are becoming so malleable that you can kind of create whatever you want your family to be.’

Despite attracting hundreds of positive comments (example: ‘Thanks Tiffany! You’re on the correct side of history!’), it also drew the ire of homophobic trolls.

‘Unfollowing and boycotting’

Here are some examples of the comments:

‘I hate this, this is disgusting’

‘This kind of relationships breaks down the real foundations of a real ideal family , let us wait and see in the future what kind of society will have.’

‘Tiffany & Co should consider how all religious denominations may react to this photo. A little more sensitivity please’

‘Unfollowing and boycotting’

‘This is NOT Love !!!’

‘I bought 2 necklaces recently. No more purchases from me! I can’t believe as a business you would support the breakdown of the traditional family out in the open like his. Disappointing. Unfollow.’

Max, who is a popular YouTuber, has also appeared in roles in TV shows such as Glee and EastSiders.

A representative for Max has been approached for comment.

H/T: Towleroad