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Rep. Maxine Waters calls for full LGBTI equality

Rep. Maxine Waters calls for full LGBTI equality

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters hosted her second annual State of the Union Millennial Media Row on Tuesday, 29 January.

Last year, this event took place as a response to President Trump’s State of the Union. This year, though Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed back the date for the State of the Union, Waters decided to host her event regardless.

Auntie Maxine

‘To my utter surprise and delight I have been adopted by the millennial community, which has affectionately named me “Auntie Maxine.” I have gained an understanding of the valuable ways in which these young people are using social media and the internet to voice their concerns about public policy, our government, and world events,’ she said prior to the event.

‘To that end, I am committed to being an enabler and a catalyst for millennials. Ensuring that they have access to other elected officials and the legislative process, and that they also have an opportunity to be at the table to advise and develop public policy in the federal, state, and local government.’

LGBTI Equality

During the event, Waters was asked the following question by OUT Magazine:

‘What’s been on a lot of people’s hearts in the LGBTQ+ community recently has been obviously the trans military ban. What are some ways we can resist that and some ways that we can stay empowered in this moment?’

‘Well, look,’ Waters begins. ‘One of the things we have to do is we have to confront these issues head-on. Whether we’re talking about the ban that’s been put on in the military or whether we’re talking about full equality for those people who have chosen to have different lifestyles, who are gay, who are transgender, whatever.’

‘They have a right to live a decent quality of life not interfered with by others who think they know better than them about who they are or what they stand for and what they feel and who they love.’

‘And so, we’ve got to confront it. We have legislation circulated on equality and so we’ve got to legislate. We’ve got to fight for it, we’ve got to stand up for it. And just like Jussie Smollett, who was attacked in Chicago. We have speak up about that and we’ve got to find the people who did that. We can not let that go without making sure we bring those people to justice.’

More Q&A

Watch the full video of the event below:

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