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Mayor has amazing answer to anti-gay callers

Mayor has amazing answer to anti-gay callers

The mayor of Salem has an answer to the anti-gay campaigners bombarding her with telephone calls.

For every person who calls to make offensive anti-LGBTI comments, she will donate $5 (€3.70) to the North Shore Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (nAGLY).

Problems started for Mayor Kim Driscoll of Salem, Massachusetts, US, when she learned about local Christian school, Gordon College, wanting the legal right to discriminate against gay applicants.

Her response – to end the school’s use of her town hall.

She said to allow Gordon College to keep using the hall would breach the city’s non-discrimination policy.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

In a letter to nALGY which Driscoll shared on social media, she said: ‘This action has gained some attention in both regional and national media outlets.

‘Most recently it appears to have been picked up by right-leaning blogs and websites, who have decried our decision to reject discrimination.

‘This has resulted in a number of phone calls being placed to my office today from people outside of Massachusetts who have expressed some patently offensive views regarding LGBT individuals. I anticipate we will receive more of them over the course of this week.

‘We are keeping a tally of these telephone calls and for each one we receive I will be making a donation of $5 to nAGLY, in support of your good work to create, sustain, and advocate for the policies and services that support our LGBT youth here on the North Shore.’

And she’s asking others to donate to nALGY too, using this link.