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Media claims killer co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was gay

Media claims killer co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was gay

Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was secretly gay, according to unproven rumors in the media.

British tabloid newspaper The Daily Star splashed the claims on its front page today.

It comes as further evidence emerges that Lubitz likely had serious psychological problems which he kept secret.

But the question of his true sexuality is far more speculative.

The rumors spreading across Germany that he may have been gay appear to be based on the flimsy evidence that he split up with his girlfriend.

Notably the papers don’t suggest he was bisexual, despite the evidence of this former relationship.

The Independent also reported a male friend sent a message to Lubitz’s own website after the crash reading: ‘We were only talking yesterday about what we would do together when you came back. You always made me smile.’

This, the paper hinted, may indicate he was gay but ‘forced to keep it secret’.

However there is no reason stated why he would be ‘forced’ to stay in the closet. Germanwings parent company, Lufthansa, is openly gay-friendly.

Multiple media sources are now reporting Lubitz was teased as a former member of cabin crew and called a ‘trolley dolly’.

And they claim unnamed colleagues called him ‘Tomato Andy’. The anti-gay slur is based on the fact that while a tomato is thought to be a vegetable, it is really a fruit.

While speculation is rife, no reports have yet provided hard evidence about Lubitz’s sexuality, any bullying against him or whether this related in any way to his decision to crash the Germanwings flight, killing 150 people.