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Meet the first gay couple to marry in New Jersey

A lesbian couple of 27 years were the first to walk down the aisle and celebrate the historic moment

Meet the first gay couple to marry in New Jersey

The first gay couple were legally married at midnight today (21 October).

Joanne Schailey and Beth Asaro, a registered nurse and city councilwoman who have been together for 27 years, made history in a small Lambertville courtroom.

They were one of the first six couples to be married as New Jersey becomes the 14th US state to recognize same-sex marriage.

Their 13-year-old daughter was the flower girl as the town’s mayor David DelVecchio performed the historic ceremony.

The brides walked down the aisle to Shania Twain’s ‘You’re Still The One’.

Speaking about 1986 when they met, they described it as a ‘whole different world’ to the one in 2013 where they stand now as an open, free to love married couple.

Speaking to Fox 29, Schailey said: ’20 years ago you didn’t tell anybody at work you were gay. You were afraid you would get fired or ostracized.

‘It’s a whole different world now.’

Asaro added: ‘Like real people we know that but to have the whole state understand that and accept that and just to be equal is beyond words.’

DelVecchio said: ‘I’m a 57-year-old heterosexual male. I took it for granted that growing up I can get married and have a family you know now Beth and Joanne can have the same dreams and aspirations and heartbreak but it’s full citizenship.’

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