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Meet the first lesbian couple entering a civil union in Italy

Meet the first lesbian couple entering a civil union in Italy

Deborah and Elena celebrated their wedding with 110 guests.

When Elena Vanni and Deborah Piccini stepped out of the registrar’s office on Sunday (24 July), they had officially made history.

They are considered the first same-sex couple to enter a civil partnership in Italy, 50 days after the law was agreed on and just a day after the bill came into full effect.

In Castel San Pietro, near the city Bologna, even the rice corns their friends showered them with were rainbow colored to mark the occasion.

The women have known each other for 15 years and became a couple five years ago.

They decided to get married last year, they told La Repubblica, when Prime Minister Matteo Renzi began talking about allowing same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships.

So the women booked the last weekend of July as their wedding date, in the hope that the bill would’ve come through by then, and they could marry in Italy instead of having to go abroad.

‘Desires are the engine that leads us to be happy,’ Elena told the newspaper.

‘Not that we were in a hurry, but at some point, our union because a discourse about justice.’

After their ceremony, which was conducted by the mayor, Elena and Deborah headed off to celebrate their new marriage with friends and family on a farm in Conselice.

‘We have reduced the number of guests, we will be around 110,’ Elena said.

‘And we will be very happy.’