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Meet the gay Russian who ‘loves Putin’ as ‘he’s not a homophobe’

Meet the gay Russian who ‘loves Putin’ as ‘he’s not a homophobe’

‘I love Putin – he’s done a lot of good things for Russia.’

These are not the words of a homophobic lawmaker who wishes to take children away from gay parents. Surprisingly, these words came out of the mouth of a gay man.

Dmitry Oskin, a dancer and fashion photographer, is one of the ‘stars’ of a new reality drama series Meet The Russians coming to British television.

Following a group of rich, wannabe famous Russians living in London, the series aims to dig deep into the shallow waters of the lives of the ex-pats and their antics.

The 27-year-old, born in St Petersburg, moved to London four years ago to have a civil partnership with his English neurologist partner.

He has never lived in Russia under the federal ‘gay propaganda’ law.

‘Putin is not a homophobe,’ Oskin confidently told Gay Star News.

‘I love Putin, he’s great. He has done a lot of good things for Russia. He is personally my favorite president.

‘I don’t really care what is going on there as my life is here now.

‘He doesn’t give a shit at all what other people from other countries say about Russia. If he doesn’t like someone he’ll tell you that, just like me. I respect that.’

When reminded there are several LGBT teens struggling with their sexuality, the photographer remembered his own experiences.

‘I was afraid to tell myself. Anyone who is gay will not talk to anybody about it because they’re so scared,’ Oskin said.

‘My friend who is gay, was openly gay, he invited me to an area where he lives. Everyone knows that he is gay, there were a load of big burly guys who said “oh you’re a faggot too?” and punched my face. I can still hear the sound now on my cheekbone.’

When asked what he thinks his life would have been like if he had stayed in St Petersburg, he said: ‘As a gay? I would be sad, I wouldn’t be able to campaign, there’s no point, and it wouldn’t work anyway.’

The only time Oskin now goes back to Russia is to see family and friends for two weeks every year.

He said: ‘I get used to this fabulous life as a gay man in London. Here I can do what I want and behave how I want, and when I go back to Russia I stay in the center where I can act how I want.’

Over the course of the nine episode series, audiences will get to see snippets from Oskin’s glamorous life such as his children’s themed birthday party and visiting nightclubs.

Meet The Russians premieres Wednesday 25 September at 9pm on Fox in the UK.