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Meet the guy proud to be a gay black merman

Meet the guy proud to be a gay black merman

Meet a guy who loves being a gay merman

Meet Blix, a gay guy who wants the world to know his love of mermaids.

Otherwise known as Eric, he lives in Atlanta and helps his godmother Natasha with her business making mermaid tales for both men and women.

Floating in his rainbow tail, he told YouTube star Davey Wavey why he loves being a part of the mermaid world.

‘Every mermaid you see has got blonde hair and blue eyes, I’ve even had kids tell me, “My friends say I can’t be a mermaid because I’m black”, and I’m like no babydoll, that should make you want to be one!’ he said.

Blix said as a child would bind his legs in towels and sheets and pretend he had a tail.

‘I eat, sleep, breathe and shit mermaids,’ Blix added. ‘My family knew I was a mermaid for a very long time.’

Natasha, Blix’s godmother, makes the full silicone tails from clay molds.

‘People thought I was crazy when I started making these, I lost a lot of friends actually,’ she said.

‘[It’s great to] just to see my work and how graceful the way they can go in the water in it. Seeing how happy it makes them, that’s why I do it. That’s why I continue doing it.’

Blix said it has even helped his world view, and allows him to escape from his daily life.

‘Being a merman has taught me to be free, not to care what anyone thinks,’ he said. ‘Be like the ocean, just be free, and follow your own current.’