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Meet the incredibly sexy US bobsled team competing at the Winter Olympics

Meet the incredibly sexy US bobsled team competing at the Winter Olympics

The US bobsled team. More like Drool Runnings, right?

It’s official: Gay Twitter is obsessed with the US bobsled team.

Whether it’s the muscles, the tight jumpsuits or the fact that one guy has the best pornstache we’ve seen in a long time, it appears the team has already won gold online.

As one guy on Reddit said: ‘More like Drool Runnings.’

Another said: ‘Looks like I’ll be watching the Winter Olympics.’

So why not take a closer look at the men competing at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018 in Korea?

Sam Michener (Portland, Oregon)

A post shared by Sam Michener (@sam_michener) on

Sam is a graduate of the University of Idaho. According to the Olympics profile, he’s proficient at ‘wiggling his ears’.

Hakeem Abdul-Saboor (East Orange, New Jersey)

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Hakeem is a Rottweiler lover and currently owns one named Maverick.

Codie Bascue (Whitehall, New York)

Dog lover Codie’s favorite place to eat is Five Guys. We’re saying nothing.

Nick Cunningham (Los Gatos, California)

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A sergeant in the New York National Guard, Nick relaxes with football, track, surfing and rodeo.

Chris Fogt (Orange Park, Florida)

An army captain (who does not have Instagram), he spent a year deployed in Iraq immediately following the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Steven Langton (Melrose, Massachusetts)

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A graduate of Northeastern University, he likes Game of Thrones and fishing.

Sam McGuffie (Houston, Texas)

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If you think you’re active, take a look at Sam McGuffie. He’s a football wide receiver, a rugby union player for the Ohio Aviators, and was a star high jump and long jump athlete at university.

Justin Olsen (San Antonio, Texas)

An army vet, Justin has made an incredible body change in two years. He once had a groin injury in June 2013.

Nic Taylor (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Nic is married to fellow bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor.

Carlo Valdes (Newport, California)

A wide receiver at UCLA, Carlo enjoys playing gold, fantasy football and clearly his excellent mustache.

Nate Weber (Pueblo West, Colorado)

A post shared by Nate Weber (@nateweberactual) on

A Green Beret, Nate has served in Cameroon, Niger and Afghanistan.

Evan Weinstock (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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Decathelete Evan’s favorite movie is Castaway.

Luis Moreira (Somerville, Massachusetts)

A post shared by Lou Moreira (@loumoreira) on

Star Spangled Banner is Luis’ favorite song.