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Meet India’s only plus-size trans model, Mona Varonica Campbell

Meet India’s only plus-size trans model, Mona Varonica Campbell

Mona Varonica Campbell

Mona Varonica Campbell stole the show when she opened the runway at Wendell Rodricks’ recent Mumbai Fashion Week show.

Campbell is quickly gaining fame as India’s first plus-size model and wants to use her new found fame for good.

‘My selection for a major Indian fashion week is in itself an indication that the fashion industry has become more inclusive and that it is open to new ideas,’ she told Times of India.

‘The industry and our country can be more receptive by providing more opportunities for people from the transgender community.’

She named herself after her favorite supermodel, Naomi Campbell, and has inherited her trademark fierceness. Campbell wants to be India’s first plus-size supermodel.

‘I was always and will always be happy with my body. This is something I got after years of struggle. I wasn’t ashamed of it ever. I love my curves, I love my looks, I love myself and I love my unique body,’ she said.

‘The feedback I receive is almost always positive. Life has ups and downs. From positive feedback, I boost my confidence and from negative feedback, I work on my drawbacks and try to better myself.’

Along with being a trailblazer for trans and plus-size women is busy completing her PhD in Business Administration in Aviation at Florida university. She also works at an American aviation firm as a chief for air crew.

‘This year has been a great one for me and I hope the dream run continues,’ Campbell said.


Campbell’s rise to fame comes just a week after the first trans model featured in Vogue India.

Leyna Bloom will star in her own full-page editorial dressed in Prada in October’s edition. Bloom will also feature alongside other models wearing¬†Alexander McQueen, alongside other models.