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Meet Lila Star: pageant winner, actor, and first ‘transsexual Latina rapper’

Meet Lila Star: pageant winner, actor, and first ‘transsexual Latina rapper’

Lila Star

Lila Star is known for many things: being the winner of the 2015 Miss Transsexual Latina Continental pageant, acting, and being the world’s first ‘transsexual Latina rapper.’

GSN spoke with Star about the highlights of her career.

On being a pageant winner

‘It felt great winning, because it validated everything I had work towards for so many years,’ Star says of her 2015 Miss Transsexual Latina Continental win.

‘This time competing felt so right because my winning talent was me singing live and in Spanish, so the reward was that much greater.’

Before this win, Star was awarded first runner up in Miss Transsexual USA.

On acting and performing

Star also played the role of Kim in the 2017 indie short, Lakeshore Drive.

The film, described as a ‘neo-noir,’ follows Kim, a transgender woman, during her struggles as an escort in Chicago.

‘My role really sheds light on the difficulties some trans women have to experience being forced to fight for their safety,’ Star explains, adding that the film is ‘beautifully shot.’

‘It was my first role, so the most challenging part was not only remembering my lines but delivering them in a natural way so that that the audience would believe it, but I did it! And I’m so happy with how it turned out,’ she says.

Star is also in the process of wrapping up another film, called A History of Wise Men.

Star currently has regular shows at Chicago’s Baton Lounge and Kit Kat Lounge, where she sings and impersonates celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Lil’ Kim, and Toni Braxton.

‘I’m set cast at both places [Baton and Kit Kat] which is a dream come true in itself,’ Star says. ‘I’m most known for my Lil’ Kim & JLo impersonations, but I’m free to express myself as freely as I’d like. I have so much fun, which allows the audience into my world for those free moments and it makes for an awesome time.’

On being a recording artist

But what Star seems most enthusiastic about is her blossoming career as a recording artist.

She was dubbed the world’s ‘first transsexual Latina rapper,’ which is a title she’s really proud of.

‘[The title] comes with lots of pressure because I have to show the world that a Latin trans woman can do Hip-Hop and not only try open doors for myself, but for those who come after me,’ she explains. ‘And with that, sometimes the respect doesn’t just come easily so I have to demand it.’

Star is featured on a track alongside Puerto Rican recording artist Lester Ray, titled ‘Ni Santa, Ni Diabla,’ which roughly translates to ‘neither holy nor devil.’

‘I had met [Lester Ray] discussing why there are no trans women who have the lead role in music videos. After he asked me if I’d be that girl in his video, he invited me to be on the song! It’ll be my first song of the “reggaeton” genre and has never really been done before, so hopefully it opens up the minds of even the most closed. Because the song is hot!’

Lila Star will be featured on the yet-to-be-released remix of Lester Rey’s song below.

Additionally, Star was also featured in Drag Race winner Shea Couleé’s song Cocky and its respective music video.

On being a diverse artist

‘I’m working really hard to be this type of artist because it’s who I am and it’s not easy doing so, but I’m so hungry to show the world that I can do it!’

‘So with the [music] video coming out, and the being able to share these projects in 2018 will show that even though I’m a special breed of woman, I can be a rapper, singer, actress, showgirl, and activist—all in one!’

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