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Meet the man who wants to create a homeland for gay people

Would you go live in a country of just LGBTI people?

Meet the man who wants to create a homeland for gay people
This guy wants to create his own 'gay homeland'

While people may dream of a world where all LGBTI people are treated equally, one man reckons he’s come up with a solution before that happens: a ‘homeland’ for gay people.

Viktor Zimmerman, the executive officer of Germany’s Gay Homeland Foundation, believes the only way to ensure LGBTI people’s safety is by creating a settlement just for them.

‘Our purpose is to establish a free, independent and democratic gay state,’ Zimmerman told VICE.’“We strive to initiate one or more self-administrated settlements for gay people, and look to promote their economic, cultural and political development.’

He believe gay people need more than local bars, bookstores and a Pride march once a year.

‘All the progress in gay rights that has been achieved has only taken place in the context of liberal democracies, and it has been a very difficult process that is still unfinished,’ he said. ‘We need a place where gay people can move to from hostile countries.’

Zimmerman added, on the topic of how to stop the population from dwindling, immigration would be key to keep the country going.

‘We all know how gay babies are made — there are millions of them being born into this world year by year, without any effort on our side,’ he said. ‘All we need is for a fraction of them to pack their stuff together and move to the gay state.’

Zimmerman said he would imagine a land available in a warm climate by the seaside would be the best option for a location, naming South America or a country in southeast Asia.

He wouldn’t be the first to try and launch a ‘gay country’. Back in 2004, the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands was founded off the coast of Australia. The area is less than 3 sq km, and has no permanent inhabitants. However, some still stay on the campsite (named Heaven) on its largest land Cato Island.

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