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Meet the queer astrologer looking to make astrology less heteronormative

Meet the queer astrologer looking to make astrology less heteronormative

Colin Bedell

Colin Bedell, a self-described gay Gemini Twin from Long Island, New York, is on a mission to make astrology more inclusive of queer identities.

‘The soul has no gender,’ Bedell recently told Refinery29. ‘We have to move beyond body and sexual identification if we’re going to be integrous with this spiritual system.’

Get to know the gay Gemini Twin

Bedell began studying astrology at age 12. ‘I’ve always had a pull to the metaphysical, mythological, and mystical. And astrology stands at that intersection beautifully,’ he tells GSN.

By age 18, Bedell began chart analysis. And at age 27, he opened his own professional astrology practice, QueerCosmos. Bedell also works as an astrologer for Cosmopolitan.

‘I am reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts,’ Bedell writes on his website. ‘That’s why I’m committed to ensuring QueerCosmos expands access to this conversation for all.’

‘[Astrology is] a school of thought on self-awareness and interpersonal relationship that raises the LGBTQ+ community without the violence of homophobia and oppressive institutions,’ Bedell explains.

‘Its bottom line is inclusivity without exception. Has that translated to practice perfectly? Of course not. Because humans are flawed and learning as we go along. But Astrology can work like a distant star that when followed, we can achieve what the system is divinely designed for.’

The soul has no gender

A Course in Miracles, one of Bedell’s favorite source materials, teaches the lesson that the soul is genderless.

‘My spiritual convictions inform that our souls choose specific incarnations into the physical body at specific times. And those specific times carry our astrological signature,’ he says. ‘Our souls choose our body identification like a suit of clothes. And since our sun signs carry either the signature of the dynamic masculine or magnetic feminine, then yes – we will express that.’

While traditional astrology focused on the binary elements of masculine and feminine, and often cited life milestones in heteronormative terms like marriage, Bedell seeks to change this.

‘I do know that community is making valiant efforts to unlearn outdated norms on gender identity and trying to elevate the theories and practice,’ he says.

‘Our social codes on sexual identity and relationship dynamics evolved radically over the last 15 years. So the heteronormative goals/predictions were largely based on the zeitgeist and audience, I think.’

‘In my readings and horoscopes, I try to expand conversation beyond binary gender roles, monogamous relationships, and heteronormative analysis. And my clients have helped significantly to make sense of queer astrology. Because I can say “This is what your birth chart says on your sexual desire. And romantic philosophies. Does this relate?” And they work with me to help me understand what angles align with their experience and what doesn’t. Which helps me build queer astrological theories from their lived experience.’

Inspiration for starting QueerCosmos

When it came to opening his own professional practice, Bedell cites his astrology mentors, Ophira and Tali Edut aka The AstroTwins, as a guiding force.

‘I had told them about my research interests and they encouraged me to build it,’ Bedell recalls.

‘The Twins are among the most successful in the community and they practice the craft with such integrity so that feedback was crucial for my development. They mean the world to me.’

‘QueerCosmos has grown little by little,’ he states. ‘I don’t need it to have hundreds of thousands of followers. If my horoscopes give one person an “ah-ha!” moment of some clarity/peace that’s no different to me than 90 million of them.’

‘Remember no one Astrologer, book, website, or conversation has a monopoly on truth,’ Bedell says. ‘QueerCosmos is one room of many that explore these topics. I don’t own it, I don’t have the answers either.’

‘I want QueerCosmos to be a safe haven for these difficult conversations on identity, sexuality, politics, social justice, and personal growth where we encourage each other to try to solve the questions. Where we empower each other to live with the questions.’

Oh, one more thing…

On a final note, Bedell wants people to understand the following about astrology:

‘NASA didn’t change the fucking signs for the love of Christ. Pluto’s still a planet in astrological discussion, too.’