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Meet the Russian who has had over 30 teachers fired for being gay

Meet the Russian who has had over 30 teachers fired for being gay

A music teacher who worked with disabled children in St Petersburg was fired for being gay this month, the latest in a long line of educators who have become victims of Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law.

Anastasia (not her real name) was called into the principal’s office on 8 December. She was told that pictures of her hugging her girlfriend had been forwarded to the school and a demand she be fired for ‘immoral behavior’.

The pictures and demand was also sent to local government officials.

‘You belong with gay people,’ the teacher was told. ‘You are not allowed to work with children.’

This was another ‘win’ for Timur Isaev, a man who boasts he has had over 30 teachers fired for being gay.

Among his other victims include Ilya Kolmanovsky, an award-winning biology teacher at a top public school, who was fired in January.

‘I have been fired from the school where I worked for seven years,’ he wrote on Facebook.

‘My opponents found about me and my school and sent complaints to the administration, and on Monday the principal told me he is firing me to save the school.’

‘I don’t blame the principal,’ he added. ‘He knows better who is dealing with.’

Isaev does not hide the fact he is helping teachers get fired. On his VK page, it reads: ‘Russia – It’s hell for gays, let them get used to it!’

‘If people are unhealthy and have psychiatric abnormalities such as being a lesbian, then it is clear the law states they are unacceptable for doing this type of work,’ he says.

‘Homosexuality is not normal,’ he told Meduza. ‘It is a disease that is treated with hormone therapy.’

He is now working to fire other teachers, making sure no other LGBTI person ‘influences’ a child.

The nationwide ‘gay propaganda’ law was enforced in Russia in June 2013.