Meet the straight male bartender who loves stripping off for gay men

This straight guy loves stripping off for gay men in bars

You might think if you’re a straight male bartender and you like getting naked, you’d want to do that for women.

But it turns out for Ivan Pulido, one of the managers of KU Bar in Leicester Square, London,  he can’t get enough of taking his clothes off for gay men.

‘I am mistaken for bisexual nearly on a daily basis,’ he tells Gay Star News in a sexy new video.

‘I have ladies that ask me, “why are you working in a gay bar?” I say, “why not?”‘


Ivan says he feels like the staff is a ‘big family’.

‘I feel like I belong here, as a straight man in the gay community. I feel like I belong here more than I have in any other job in the past.’

A lot of the time bartenders are asked to strip off to market the bar in magazines and advertising, and Ivan gets stuck in.

‘I pose in my underwear for the bar,’ he adds.


‘People do find that strange that I’m straight and I do that, but I’m very comfortable in myself and I don’t have anything to hide.’

In our interview with Ivan, he also reveals how he reacts when gay guys flirt with him and how he had to change his rule for giving out his number.

Watch below: