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Meet the ‘submissive bear’ who had his genitals removed so he could have better sex

Meet the ‘submissive bear’ who had his genitals removed so he could have better sex

A South Florida man says he was always embarrassed by the size of his penis so he did something to ‘fit his personality’.

He had it removed.

The man, who uses the name Gelding, describes himself as a ‘submissive bear’ and says he has great sex.

It all began when he was in high school, a bully on the football team teased him for having a ‘baby face’.

‘He said: “You have a man’s equipment and you’re still a boy” and he squeezed my balls in the shower,’ he told Gawker.

‘It became a fetish thing where I would do sort of more self destructive things with them like putting rubber bands around them and needles through the balls and whatnot. It’s a progression which a lot of guys go through.

‘It’s something that works on them and they say “Well, how about if we just have them off? Then I won’t be bothered by this constant urge to hurt them”.’

In 1991, he tried to castrate himself. He numbed his scrotum with ice water, tied off his ball sack with rubber bands and then cut off about two thirds with a kitchen knife.

This was not a good idea.

He drove himself to an emergency room, and doctors stitched his scrotum up.

Three years later, he tried to become a eunuch again. He got an underground ‘cutter’ to assist him, but he once again ended up back in the ER. But on the way there, his balls fell off.

In 2011, Gelding then had his penis removed. And now, all that is left is a sort of hole which allows him to pee but cannot be penetrated.

He identifies as a ‘nullo’, a man who voluntarily removes his external genitalia.

‘It is not transgender,’ he explains. ‘It’s simply nullification of what you’ve got. A friend of mine Mack in San Francisco likes to use the term “mascunull”, because I remain as masculine as they come with fur and so forth. But I no longer have the parts.’

But while doing that may horrify most men, Gelding is very happy and is enjoying sex.

‘Guys who are aroused by my situation are veryaroused,’ he explains.

‘This one guy, he likes to go down on me. He’s a bi guy and he said he does this with his girlfriend so he goes down there and starts licking me. And he just loves that idea.

‘He loves the idea that I have a hairy chest and what is to him a very tiny vagina that he can’t fuck but he can lick and he can enjoy being the male role. I’ve even got a straight guy here in town who likes to fuck me because I don’t have any male genitals and he doesn’t feel threatened by that.’

But can he even orgasm?

‘With ejaculation, just before you reach the peak, all the fluid is there at the base of the penis, and right before orgasm happens it’s the urethra that acts like a rail gun and expels the semen,’ he says.

‘So when you don’t use the penis, there’s no force behind it. It just flows out.’