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Meet Superdrug’s first male beauty model

Meet Superdrug’s first male beauty model

United Kingdom-based health and beauty retailer Superdrug has introduced their first-ever male model for their cosmetic lines.

Following in the footsteps of U.S. companies such as Covergirl, this is a big step forward for representation in the U.K.

For months, beauty vlogger Georgie Aldous has been campaigning British cosmetics companies and retailers to get them to finally recognize makeup as genderless. Now, Superdrug has made Aldous’ petition victorious by selecting him to be their first male makeup model.

proud to be @superdrugloves first ever male model for their own brand make-up @officialbbeauty ❤️

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‘We all have faces and we should all be free to choose how to express ourselves, man or woman,’ Aldous told The Point last year. ‘I think it’s time to stop letting social conventions dictate who can paint their faces and how, and let’s enjoy the true freedom of expression.’

Aldous spoke to Huffington Post about the hatred he’s seen both online and in real life directed towards men who enjoy makeup.

‘I know these issues could be less frequent with men being involved in makeup campaigns. It would make it seem more normal, as it should be,’ he said.

‘I hope to influence the younger generation to just have fun and don’t let others stop you. I want younger boys to look up to me and know that it’s okay if you like makeup and it’s not “just for girls.”’

‘This victory means so much to me as I have been petitioning for a long time, I truly never thought I would ever be able to mark the petition a victory but Superdrug proved me wrong,’ Aldous tells GSN. ‘This is such a huge step in the right direction for a more equal and diverse beauty world. I’m honored and overwhelmed to be their first male model paving the way for other men in makeup and showing them it’s okay to play with makeup.’

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