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Meet the gay former US marine who’s won a House seat with 90% of the vote

Meet the gay former US marine who’s won a House seat with 90% of the vote

Neil Rafferty | Photo:

There were many victorious LGBTIs in this week’s US midterms. But one story particularly stands out. Step forward Neil Rafferty, former marine of Birmingham, Alabama.

The Democrat now has a House seat in the state’s 54th district, winning with a whopping 90% of the vote.

The best part? He’s succeeding a lesbian candidate.

In fact, outgoing fellow Democrat Patricia Todd was reportedly Alabama’s first openly gay lawmaker. (She’s pictured below, center, with Neil and his partner, Michael Rudolph.)

Responding to the news on Facebook, Neil simply said: ‘Thank you Birmingham.’

Neil defeated independent candidate Joseph Casper Baker III.

‘How can I best serve my community?’

Explaining his decision to run for election back in February, Neil said: ‘Nine days ago, I was approached by a dear friend who asked if I would consider running to fill the vacant seat for Alabama State House District 54.

‘In the past week, I’ve spent many hours in conversation with family and friends.

‘But more importantly, I’ve asked myself how can I best serve my community. On Friday, I traveled to Montgomery to complete qualifying paperwork to run.

‘I look forward to expanding my lifetime of service as I announce my candidacy for State House of Representatives District 54.’

Neil shared the story of his 14-year relationship with fellow former marine Michael, as well as the pair’s experience of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, in a podcast on that you can listen to here.

Gay Star News has approached Neil for comment.

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