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Meet the gay singer who wants to represent the UK at Eurovision

Meet the gay singer who wants to represent the UK at Eurovision

Karl William Lund is hoping British viewers will vote for him to represent the UK at Eurovision.

The Eurovision Song Contest is nearly upon us and UK audiences will, for the first time in years, get to choose whom they want to represent the country.

Karl William Lund, from Liverpool, is openly gay, works as a singer and model – and hoping to come out victorious in the public vote on Friday (26 February).

Together with the other contestants’ songs, Lund’s pop ballad Miracle premiered on BBC Radio 2 yesterday (22 February) morning, prior to the live show and vote on Friday.

If his face looks a bit familiar to you, that may be because Lund has been part of Thomas Knight’s Red Hot campaign as well as a number of fashion shoots.

Miracle is a very personal song, Lund told Gay Star News in an interview, but its message to keep your head up high is universal.

He wrote the song a few years ago, while he was living in Greece and playing John Lennon in a Beatles tribute band

‘It’s been with me for a few years now,’ he said.

‘It’s really daunting to put it out there to the world now.’

Initially shelving the song – to ‘let it breathe, let it have its rest’ – thing changed last year when Lund’s brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer.

Fortunately, he made a full recovery. He was even able to finish his chemotherapy early. Suddenly, the song’s message – to hold out for a miracle – seemed all the more resonant.

‘I tried to write it on a universal level as well. People can listen to the song and take it to their own world,’ Lund told GSN.

‘It’s about trying to find strength out of adversity.’

Saying he still couldn’t believe he’s made it to the Eurovision shortlist, Lund revealed his initial passion was something else stage related: acting.

Playing Bugsy Malone in a school play, he took it from there, with music always more of a side hobby.

At least until he got a guitar, which Lund explained marked the moment he got into songwriting.

Setting up a channel in the early days of YouTube, when grainy webcam videos prevailed on the platform, Lund said his videos often gained 60,000 views or more.

Today, those numbers are peanuts compared to what the big names clock, but back in 2006, reaching more than a few thousand people took you to the top.

He also played numerous Pride festivals, not just in the UK, which he says helped prepare him.

When it’s crunch time on Friday, though, it’s all down to Lund himself.

‘I don’t have a manager, I don’t have a record deal, I don’t have a team, it’s just me,’ he said.

‘I know if it goes right, it’s because of me, and if it goes wrong that’s because of me as well. ‘

Even if it he doesn’t get his ticket to Stockholm, Lund said he won’t regret the choices he made: ‘I’m not the kind of person who has any regrets, and I truly believe that if you decide, in life, to take road A or road B, it still takes you to road C.’

And if it goes well, road C might just be the road to a stellar career.

Hosted by Mel Giedroyc, the live show to determine who’ll represent the UK at the ESC will be broadcast on BBC Four at 7.30pm on Friday (26 February).