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Meet the gay man who is celibate for God

Meet the gay man who is celibate for God

Christopher Ong says he wants to start a discussion about homosexuality in the church.

Christopher Ong is a 23-year-old gay man but has never had sex with another man – and he plans to keep it that way.

The Evangelical Christian spent his first year of university reading everything about Christianity and homosexuality, and many nights crying himself to sleep.

‘After that whole year of investigation, I very reluctantly came to the conclusion that I should remain celibate,’ he said in a interview with Canadian LGBTI publication Daily Xtra.

‘That definitely was not an easy decision.’

Ong said he ‘highly’ respected gay Christians who get married and have children, but was not ‘convinced quite yet.’

Asked if he was oppressed by his faith, Ong said: ‘I don’t see it as an oppression personally.’

‘I came to this conclusion myself. I did my own research and my own journeying,’ he added. ‘It wasn’t something that I’d just taken from somebody else.’

So why go through stress and anxiety of coming out only to remain celibate?

‘A huge part of it, for me at least, it just being authentic with my faith communities,’ Ong said.

‘I think this is something that needs to be discussed more in the church. It’s something that needs to be investigated further and someone needs to start that.’

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