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Meet the gay tech entrepreneurs that Forbes just tipped as names to watch

Meet the gay tech entrepreneurs that Forbes just tipped as names to watch

L-R:'s Michael Belkin and Thomas McAfee

The co-founders of the LGBTI youth networking app,, have been included in Forbes latest 30 Under 30 list of consumer tech entrepreneurs to watch.

Thomas McAfee, aged 29, and Michael Belkin, 29, launched in 2014 for people aged 13 and up. The median age of its users is 16.

The Wall Street Journal has described the app – which has its headquarters in San Francisco – as ‘Foursquare meets Facebook for the LGBT community.’

CEO Belkin told the Advocate last November that, ‘Gay people have special needs from technology.

‘Being an invisible minority, we have a special need to meet and interact with others.’

The app includes community resources that anyone can access for support and LGBTI-tailored advice.

According to Forbes, ‘ claims to be the world’s largest and most active network of LGBT youth, a place where they can connect with each other, express themselves, and safely explore their identity.

‘The group raised $1 million in total from the likes of Peter Thiel, Keith Rabois, and Stanford University’s StartX. It was also accepted into the Harvard Innovation Lab, AOL First Floor Labs and Mass Challenge accelerators.’

In a Facebook posting, Belkin (CEO) said he was ‘thrilled’ to be included on the Forbes list, while McAfee (President) described himself as ‘thrilled & honored.’

Belkin and McAfee have been approached for further comment.