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Meet the three gay men who want to get married and have a baby together

Meet the three gay men who want to get married and have a baby together

Meet the three gay guys in a relationship

Gay relationships come in all shapes and sizes, but they don’t always come in threes.

Shayne Curran, Adam Grant and Sebastian Tran, all in their 20s from Halifax, Nova Scotia have revealed they are living together as a ‘throuple’ since 2012 and are looking to have a baby together.

Adam and Shayne were originally married before meeting Sebastian in a nightclub.

‘We didn’t want Sebastian to be excluded or feel like the third wheel in our relationship,’ Adam told News Dog Media. ‘So Shayne and I decided to get a divorce so that we could make a renewed commitment between the three of us instead.’

They all sleep in the same king size bed together, which they call ‘necessary’ when there’s three people in a relationship as well as two dogs that end up there as well.

All three are now hoping to get married and start a family.

Shayne said: ‘I have two sisters who have both offered to carry our children for us as surrogates and are willing to donate their eggs as well. My sisters actually argue over which one them will carry our baby first- I feel very lucky.’

‘Meanwhile Sebastian’s sister will probably donate her eggs too so we can keep it in the family.

‘We want to mix our genes enough so that our kids are as genetically close to us as possible. But, we are open to adoption too. Children are a huge part of our future plans.’

While they first struggled with jealousy, the originally married couple realised they were both in love with Sebastian. ‘If anything, Sebastian only enhanced our relationship,’ according to Shayne.

They say they’re like any other relationship, having dinner and going to the gym together, and hope to be treated like one.