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Meet the trans man who believes he’s an alien who can talk to angels

Meet the trans man who believes he’s an alien who can talk to angels

Lee Carter believes he can talk to angels

A trans man has claimed he is from an alien planet and can talk to angels.

Ten years ago, 50-year-old Lee Carter said he began seeing feathers appearing in random places.

At first he saw one on a windowsill. And then he’d see them on the street. Some would even be behind the bed. They were all different types, small and large.

Lee believes these feathers were from angels.

He says they gave him the support he needed to transition. This also led to a spiritual awakening that gave him ‘powers’. He claims his spirit is from a world 444 light years away.

Getting help and support from angels

Lee’s childhood in London was fairly typical for a transgender man. The eldest of three children, he remembered idolizing his father.

He would sneak into his parents’ bedroom as a child and wear his dad’s suit. He’d watch him shave in the mirror and play football with him.

As he grew up, he repressed his dysphoria. He would date women but the relationships wouldn’t work out.

‘Sometimes, something happens at the right time that will help you get the help you need,’ Lee told GSN.

‘I got the help and support I needed from angels [to transition].’

He said this is when he realized he was an ‘indigo child’.

Indigo children, based on concepts developed in the 70s, is the idea that some kids are born with supernatural abilities. This can be anything from telepathy, reading people’s thoughts, to just the belief these children are more creative than their peers. There are no scientific studies backing this claim.

‘I was having paranormal experiences. Feathers were dropping around me,’ Lee said. ‘I thought I was going crazy… I realized I was receiving messages from the angels that I was an indigo child.’

He believes he can talk to the archangel Michael, among other angels. He says he sees ‘orbs’, flashing lights, representing the winged creatures.

‘In a quiet space I can tune into them,’ he said. ‘Some people are very gifted like that.’

Seeing his first ‘UFO’ and learning about his ‘origins’

A couple years later, Lee and his mother was spending time on a house on a beach. At around 11pm, they believe they saw two flying saucers speeding across the sky for around an hour.

‘It was pulsating different colors,’ he said. ‘It wasn’t a plane. We just stood there. I felt like I was being watched. And I heard in my head, “You’re telepathic”. I felt like my soul was taken on board.

‘I was told my body was just a vessel. It can astral project and go into different dimensions. I learned everything is a delusion. There are dimensions.

‘Angels are on the 12th dimension. I feel like once you open up to the idea of other dimensions, you start seeing them everywhere.’

This is when Lee felt like he was connected with extraterrestrials. He claims, when he went to ancient sites around the world, he believes aliens helped with their design.

‘We’re probably living among you,’ he added. ‘A lot of people are from the Pleiades, the constellation of the seven stars. That’s where I believe I’m from.’

‘The aliens don’t want to see us blowing ourselves up’

Lee says he wants people to understand that aliens want the human race to progress.

‘They want us to develop and evolve. They’ve come here and helped with your development. Like with the pyramids. When I went, I felt a very close bond. There were a lot of energies coming from it.’

So what is Lee doing with his abilities? He has written a book, entitled Living With Lisa. He also regularly appears on television.

‘I can pick up on somebody’s energy,’ Lee said, talking about his daily life.

‘If they’re around me. I can sense things. If they’re not being honest or something they’re doing, I can sense something.

‘It’s like a telephathic intuition. It’s about being tuned in. You can’t see it physically. [The aliens] don’t want to see us blowing ourselves up.’

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