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Meet the world’s first sex toy for trans men

Meet the world’s first sex toy for trans men

For trans men who have been looking high and low for sexual health aids, the solution is finally here.

Earlier this month, trans icon and LGBTI rights activist Buck Angel released Buck-OFF™, a product that was the result of the collaboration with Steve Callow, CEO and designer for Perfect Fit Brand – a company that develops sexual health products to cater to the needs of Florida-based men.

Made from SilaSkin™, Perfect Fit Brand’s blend of TPR and Silicone, Buck-OFF is ‘engineered for FTM (female-to-male) trans men who often see their clitorises grow in size as the result of testosterone therapy’. According to Angel, Buck-OFF is also designed to ‘mimic the feel of a tongue’ – with its flat, flared base creating a suction cup-like effect and inside being textured with soft ridges. Using Buck-OFF is easy – users can stroke or squeeze tightly, whichever they prefer. The base also helps to stimulate the pubis, which can also lead to orgasm.

‘Buck (Angel) and I have the same values when it comes to caring and servicing of the LGBT community,’ said Callow.

He added: ‘We both want to help people.’

Coming up with this product, though, has not been easy for Angel.

‘I approached many companies within the adult world, only to be told there is no market,’ said Angel.

‘It’s been frustrating.’

On a broader stroke, Angel believes that Buck-OFF will help reduce gender dysphoria by encouraging trans men to explore their bodies and develop more confidence in their sexual orientation and gender identity.

‘I have talked with so many FTM people about how they have a hard time connecting sexually with their bodies while transitioning,’ said Angel, who also shared that he never had bottom surgery.

Angel added: ‘And when I learned to connect with my vagina and learned how to love it, it changed my life for the better in so many ways. It enabled me to become the confident man I am today.’

For a booming sex toy industry that is expected to increase its market share from the current US$15-billion to a US$50-billion enterprise in 4 years’ time, Angel explained that he is however not in it for the money – but instead, for the education.

‘Learning how to love my body sexually was a game-changer for me;  I believe sex is a big part of the transition process – finding and exploring your new body can be challenging,’ said Angel.

Angel added: ‘And if I can help someone else connect with their bodies and have a wonderful sexual experience, then it’s all worth it.’

Buck-OFF can be purchased here.