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Megan Mullally and Samira Wiley kissed on Will & Grace and people can’t deal

Megan Mullally and Samira Wiley kissed on Will & Grace and people can’t deal

Karen Walker kisses Nikki (Samira Wiley) on Will & Grace | Photo: Will & Grace/NBC

Karen, as played by Megan Mullally, has had her first earnest kiss with a woman on Will & Grace.

And not only that, she kissed Samira Wiley.

The Orange Is The New Black star plays Nikki in the continuation of the hit NBC sitcom.

Samira Wiley kisses Karen Walker on Will & Grace

She played a woman who was trapped in Karen’s office building during a snowstorm.

The two women meet, joke, share a martini and talk about their love lives.

After Karen complains about her boyfriend, Nikki says she’s only ever had girlfriends.

Karen said: ‘Are you permanently parked in the lesbian zone, or do you move your car to alternate sides of the street from time-to-time for ploughing?’

Nikki responded: ‘This car is parked, up on blocks, with a hundred tickets on the windshield.’

Karen then says men have always taken her for granted, and Nikki responds that she deserves a worthy partner.

And then, the two kiss.

Karen’s bisexuality

Karen’s bisexuality has often been little more than a punchline in the series so far.

The closest they came in the show’s past by suggesting tennis star Martina Navratilova wanted to marry her in the 1980s.

Fans celebrated the kiss.

One said: ‘Samira Wiley and Megan Mullally together… thank you, Will & Grace, for my life.’

Another said: ‘I just saw a gif set of Karen Walker kissing Samira Wiley and it immediately took me less than 2 seconds to decide that I must catch up on the reboot of Will & Grace.’

Another wrote: ‘Wait…were they serious about Karen being queer as more than a joke now? Samira Wiley just kissed. Please advise.’

Wiley will be appearing on the show in the final two episodes of the season.

Promotional stills show Karen and Nikki paying homage to an Ellen scene in the 1990s. In that scene, Ellen DeGeneres’ character came out while speaking into an airport microphone.’

Will & Grace continues on NBC on 28 March.