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Megan Mullally flees ‘into a hole’ as cringe-inducing Trump duet resurfaces

Megan Mullally flees ‘into a hole’ as cringe-inducing Trump duet resurfaces

Megan Mullallay and trump sing a duet

Donald Trump tweeted a video of him singing a duet with Megan Mullally and the actress is so embarrassed she is retreating ‘into a hole’.

The President of the United States posted the throwback video on his Twitter account to mark the signing of the Agriculture Improvement Act, dubbed the Farm Bill. In the video from the 2006 Emmys, he sings the Green Acres theme song alongside the Will and Grace star.

He’s wearing farm overalls throughout. And a hat. And a pitchfork.

At the end of the video, the pair share a hug. Trump even gives her a kiss.

Unfortunately, it caught the attention Mullally. Seeing her being sort-of-politely-friendly with the current POTUS seemed slightly traumatic for her.

She tweeted a simple ‘omg’, before admitting ‘if you guys need me, i’ll be in a hole in the ground [sic.]’

In previous tweets, Trump has labeled the Emmys ‘awful’ and ‘a total joke’.

Trump is no laughing matter

However, this month alone has seen Trump move against the wider LGBTI community.

According to documents obtained by the New York Times, the administration is planning to roll back a set of Obama-era policies that protected minority students in schools.

This would make sure minority students didn’t face disproportionate disciplinary actions. Trump and his Education Department, led by Betsy DeVos, said the policies ‘eased up on punishment and contributed to rising violence in the nation’s schools.’

Also, lawyers have filed a suit against the Pentagon after two Air Force members were discharged because of their HIV status. Trump’s ‘Deploy or Get Out’ policy requires service members who cannot be deployed for more than 12 consecutive months be discharged.

Doctors and their commanders approved their deployment. However, they were still discharged days before Thanksgiving.

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