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Men arrested for trying to smuggle suitcase full of drugs onto gay cruise

Men arrested for trying to smuggle suitcase full of drugs onto gay cruise

Men smuggle drugs onto gay cruises

Police arrested a federal contractor and another man as they attempted to smuggle a suitcase full of drugs onto a gay cruise in Miami.

Peter Melendez and Robert Koehler – from Washington D.C. – were caught by a drug-sniffing dog as they were boarding the Atlantis Events cruise on Sunday (3 February).

According to the arrest reports, the dog found 27 grams of MDMA, 18 grams of ketamine, 246 grams of GHB, seven grams of Viagra and five grams of Adderall in their luggage.

drug dealers caught miami police gay cruise
Peter Melendez and Robert Koehler | Photo: Miami Police Department

Part of the reason the two were caught is because the government intercepted emails from Melendez’s work computer. Melendez is a government contractor and in his work emails he discussed their plans to smuggle and distribute the drugs on board.

The authorities charged Melendez and Koehler with conspiracy to traffic in illegal drugs and tracking in illegal drugs, says Miami-Dade Police Department.

Other cruise related incidents

The cruise wasn’t named in the police report, but NBC News‘ sources have claimed it is the Allure Caribbean Cruise.

The ship is the largest of Atlantis Event’s cruises ships and one of the biggest gay cruises in the world.

This isn’t the first time Atlantis have been in the spotlight for a drug related controversy. Joel Taylor, of Storm Chasers fame, died of a drug overdose on an Atlantis cruise last year.

At least two other passengers died in unexplained circumstances in 2009 and 2010 on an Atlantis cruise, according to Cruise Law News.

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