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Men model Speedos for Alaska and Alyssa Edwards on The Bachelorette

Men model Speedos for Alaska and Alyssa Edwards on The Bachelorette

Luke P. competing in a group date on The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette took on the worlds of modeling and drag queens in its most recent episode.

Hannah Brown is the Bachelorette of Season 15 and she’s looking for ‘Mr. Right.’ In Monday’s (20 May) episode, the men vying for her love go on a group date to a theatre.

Upon their arrival, Brown introduces drag queens Alaska and Alyssa Edwards, as well as ‘queen of the catwalk’ Miss J. The men have to compete in the Mr. Right Pageant for this date, including showing off a talent and modeling speedos.

To prep for the pageant, the men work with both Brown and the drag queens on their modeling and talents.

One contestant, Mike, says the drag queens being ‘fearless in who they are’ inspires him.

‘My final piece of advice is,’ Alaska offers the men, ‘If you fall on your face, try to fall on your ass because it’s funnier.’

So how do the men look?

For the men’s turns, they go up to the catwalk in a bathrobe before stripping it off to reveal nothing but a Speedo.

Some get into the catwalk, getting flirty and striking poses. Alaska declares herself team ‘Magic Mike’ as contestant Mike twerks in his speedo.

At other points, all the judges look equal parts embarrassed and captivated. Alyssa also has a perfect O-shaped expression for all the men she clearly wants to devour.

Like this:

Miss J and Alyssa Edwards on The Bachelorette
Alyssa and Miss J reacting to one of the contestants | Photo: YouTube/Bachelor World

The last contestant is Luke P. and he gets the crowd going. Miss J even has to stand up and spritz water at him as he walks down the catwalk.

The Bachelor franchise is entirely heteronormative and ridiculous but at least Alaska, Alyssa, and Miss J are perfect and make it entertaining.

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